Family-run and Baton Rouge based, our shop is owned and operated by Chris, Ginger, and Megan Musso. Located in the Bocage Village Shopping Center, our tasting room gives you the opportunity to sample any olive oil or balsamic vinegar before purchasing!

We are passionate about true extra virgin olive oil and the health benefits it can bring to our lives. Research has shown that eating a diet healthy in fresh extra virgin olive oil can reduce inflammation in arthritic joints, stop cancer-causing free radicals from forming, and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

To ensure our product is as fresh and healthy as is naturally possible, the olives are harvested twice a year, alternating between the northern and southern hemispheres. Doing so allows for the freshness and simplicity of our product, bringing new, bold flavors to our oils and vinegars that originate from all over the world.

Throughout harvest, extreme care is taken with the production of our olive oil, making sure it is cold-pressed only once and within a matter of hours from harvest. Beginning the moment the olive is plucked from the tree, all the way to the Ultra Premium bottling standards we adhere to in our store, we make sure to provide a fresh and unadulterated product.

Our oils and vinegars are delicious, healthy, and easily used in the kitchen as a secret weapon when you want to add extra flavor to your food. So, whether taking our products home for yourself, or wrapping them as a gift, they're sure to be enjoyed wherever they go!

Chris and Ginger Musso are Louisiana natives with three daughters and strong family ties to food.

One side of the family has always been a well-oiled machine for hosting evening events and dinner parties. Starting with a thoughtful meal and finishing with stories, jokes, and bellowing laughter, the night of entertainment was complete. But before any of this could come to fruition, there was detailed preparation to match that of any full-service restaurant. For advice on how to start the perfect gravy, how to carve a roast, or how to decorate a pie crust just right, our family was always equipped with a living culinary encyclopedia, ready to gently guide you through the steps.

The Italian side is the typical large, loud, and welcoming family. There is always hot food on the stove and a plate to be offered. Handwritten recipes are handed down and openly shared, ranging anywhere from arancini and cabbage rolls to traditional fig cookies. Whomever the originator, the recipes were organized and made into our very own family cookbook. With each recipe it is clearly emphasized to always season a dish how YOU want it to taste, tweak it here and there, and make it your own.

Season to Taste.