Did you know that there are olive oil competitions? Like, in the "everyone legitimately wants to win and it isn't just your parents in the crowd cheering you on" kind of competition. Well, there is, and it is apparently quite big.

The New York International Olive Oil Competition is a relatively new competition that was started in 2013 and is held every April. It is the largest international olive oil competition held in the United States and draws around 650 entries from about two dozen countries! The prize? World recognition that is published on bestoliveoils.com. The winners are then entered into an app that pairs whatever food you're preparing with the best olive oil possible. You know, for when a person is wanting only the very best extra virgin olive oil to cook with.

Check the app out here.

It's a pretty neat thing that there's an app for just about anything you need these days, even olive oil. I'm sure this app is still being modified, but I look forward to the updates after the competition in April, when this years winners are posted.

Here's one search I did: fish, salmon, and grilled = Cape Schanck Olive Estate.